Last holiday season we attended a White Elephant party and I made a Make-Your-Own-Margarita Gift Basket for my gift. The spend limit was $100 so this gift turned out perfect. The gift basket included Cointreau, Don Julio Blanco, Topo Chico, limes and two acrylic cocktail glasses along with a little salt rim container. This gift was the biggest hit of the night; everyone fought for it! I should probably mention I also included a little recipe card with my mother-in-law’s famous margarita recipe because if you have all the right

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to come up with some fun traditions to start with Sicily that she can look back on year after year and remember those special moments we had together. Right now she is loving arts and crafts and cooking in the kitchen as my sous chef, so I thought a cookie decorating party would be right up her alley! She has a huge sweet tooth so I figured the end result of this creative project would be a hit. This time of the

Heirloom tomatoes and peaches are two ingredients I look forward to every summer! Summertime tomatoes are ripe, sweet and need very little to make them a delicious dish. Peaches are also in their prime during the summer season and taste almost like a dessert. They are so juicy and delectable– Sicily and I go through dozens of them every week! This take on a classic caprese is sweet, savory and super refreshing especially during the hot summer months. Because this salad has such few ingredients, you want to make sure

Spending July in Colorado has been such a fun way to spend more quality time together as a family doing ALL the outdoor activities. From hiking to biking, paddle boarding to swimming, we’ve really been nonstop! That has all been made possible by Walmart+, thanks to their free, same-day delivery. They’ve saved me from countless trips to grocery and convenience stores. You can’t beat Walmart’s everyday low prices, but best of all is their products are fresh, organic and very high quality. As an example, today we decided to go for a family picnic at

After having Sicily last year, Ben and I decided to set a goal to have a date night once a week. It doesn’t have to be something super fancy, but just one meal a week that we fully commit to each other without any distractions. Hiring a babysitter every week can be a bit of a challenge so we have recently been doing some date nights at home which can be just as fun! We cook a delicious meal together after putting Sicily to bed and get to enjoy each

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