Holiday Desserts with Specs

As most of you all know, baking is not my forte. I can bake if I try but it does not come naturally to me quite like cooking. Instead of stressing over desserts for my Christmas Eve party, this year I decided to outsource baking to the professionals! I picked up some of Spec’s Whiskey Pecan Pies to have on hand which are sweet, delicious and have the perfect punch from some Crown Royal. I plan to pop them in the oven for a couple minutes before serving so they are a bit warm and pair them with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The whole process only takes me ten minutes! Thanks to Spec’s I am able to enjoy more quality time with family while indulging in a delectable dessert that takes little to no time. The best part? Your guests don’t even have to know these pies aren’t homemade! I made sure to grab a couple extra of these limited-time handmade pies to bring as hostess gifts as well. They are such a fun treat to leave under the tree. Happy holidays!

This post is sponsored by Specs

xo, Rachel

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