Kale is one of my favorite types of greens to use in my salads. I love the heartiness of it and the way it stands up to dressings. Many people think kale is too tough, but if you cut it right and massage the dressing into the leaves, the kale becomes tender while still having a nice crunch. The key to kale salad is cutting the leaves into tiny, thin strips. Big pieces of kale leaves can be too tough, at least for me. This caesar dressing is so flavorful- I make a big

Chicken Piccata has been one of my favorite dishes to order when eating out since I was a young girl. I have always been obsessed with capers, so of course I LOVE this dish. Yesterday when I was at the market, I saw these veal scallops and thought they would be a perfect change up to my traditional chicken piccata. We eat a lot of chicken in our household so it was nice to have something different! I really enjoyed the flavor of the veal in this dish, and with the

After recipe testing mashed potatoes over and over again, I have realized there are 2 key things that go into making mashed potatoes. First off, you have to have a ricer or food mill. Ricing the potatoes breaks them down evenly and gives them the creamiest texture. I have found that mashing them leaves to many chunks and pureeing them can make them gummy. The second factor that is key when making mashed potatoes is cream cheese. You don’t even really taste the cheese but it makes the potatoes have the

Recently I was thinking about what to put on my Thanksgiving menu, and although I love the traditional side dishes, I wanted to mix it up. I spend the afternoon looking through cookbooks until I spotted this recipe from Ina Garten. These mushrooms looked incredible and the filling had all my favorite things- sausage, cheese and herbs. I thought these would be great because you can make the filling ahead of time, stuff the mushrooms, and then bake them when the guests arrive without having a mess. Y’all, let me tell

Rack of lamb. This was one experimental recipe that completely turned out amazing. I don’t make lamb often but after coming up with this recipe, I think it will be on the menu in our household a lot more! This dish looks so fancy which makes it great for a small dinner party or a special date night at home. I like to serve mine with tzatziki sauce and couscous but it could be paired with tons of things- mashed potatoes, farro, saffron rice- the possibilities are endless! And just

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