Tacos are one of my favorite goto meals. They are quick to whip up, can be made with just about an protein and really hit that hardy dinner spot that I crave. This turkey taco filling is so good to have on hand! I usually make a double batch so I have some for leftover salads throughout the week and I freeze some to have when I need a quick and easy dinner! I like to serve the filling in romaine or butter lettuce but you could use regular tortillas

Paella is a Spanish dish I have always loved but rarely get to eat. Most restaurants don’t serve it and it isn’t really something you think to whip up on a weeknight for dinner, until now! I thought this dish was going to be super complicated and time consuming but boy was I wrong. It is a recipe where you do need to prep all your ingredients before hand, instead of winging it like I usually do, so that everything flows smoothly. This recipe is very versatile as well. You

Soy Glazed Salmon is one of my favorite things to make at the moment because it’s super simple and looks like a restaurant style dish. It is sweet, savory and has a nice crunch from the Trader Joes seasoning blend. I like to serve this salmon with brown rice, some stir fried veggies and avocado but you can really put it with anything! If you like some heat sriracha goes really nice on top of this fish as well, my fianc√© likes to douce his in it! I hope you

Every summer for the past 20 years my family and I have been going to Aspen, Colorado. We love the weather, all the activities and the amazing restaurants the city has to offer. As a huge foodie, I am always trying to find the best spots to dine around town and thought it would be fun to share my favorites with you guys! Where to Dine: Breakfast: Poppycocks– one of the best breakfast spots in town. It is a super casual restaurant which is nice because it’s totally acceptable to

This recipe is one I came up with one night when I was starving and didn’t have a lot of groceries. I wanted to create something easy and fast but that was still satisfying. I ALWAYS have Raos sauces in my pantry so when I saw the zoodles that were about to go bad, I knew I could do something with those. I pulled out the sauce and zoodles then found some sausage in my freezer and it was perfect, I had something! I love the sausage in this dish

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