Braised chicken thighs are a new obsession of mine. You sear them, sick them in the oven with some vegetables and forget about them for a couple of hours! When you finally take them out of the oven after you have gotten to work on your to-do list you have the most amazing dinner. The chicken is fall off the bone tender, so flavorful and just delicious. I would love to add potatoes to this next time and maybe some carrots or other vegetables- get creative! And don’t forget about

Chicken Parmesan is one of those dishes that always sounds so good to me at restaurants, but I hate ordering it because I leave feeling sickly full every time. I created this recipe so I could still enjoy Chicken Parmesan but I don’t feel bad about eating it! This recipe is super quick to make as well which makes it a great weeknight meal in our house! I love buying store-bought zoodles and good quality tomato sauce which cuts the cooking time of this dish in half! My go-to tomato

Protein bowls are one of my favorite weeknight meals to make in the beginning of the week. I usually double the recipe so I have all sorts of leftover roasted, steamed and sauteed veggies to snack on or add to new recipes throughout the week for quick dinners. This protein bowl recipe is so versatile so feel free to recreate it with all your favorite ingredients- you could do roasted asparagus, swap out the potatoes, use chicken or steak…poach an egg on top – yum! I mean the possibilities are seriously

Mongolian Beef and Broccoli has been one of my favorite dishes for years but it has always been one of those dishes that I only eat when I go to restaurants. I was craving it the other night when walking through the grocery store and decided I would try to make it on my own- I mean it couldn’t be that hard, could it?! I did some research and mixed some flavors together and this magical recipe came about. This dish was so easy to make- I think I did

Kale is one of my favorite types of greens to use in my salads. I love the heartiness of it and the way it stands up to dressings. Many people think kale is too tough, but if you cut it right and massage the dressing into the leaves, the kale becomes tender while still having a nice crunch. The key to kale salad is cutting the leaves into tiny, thin strips. Big pieces of kale leaves can be too tough, at least for me. This caesar dressing is so flavorful- I make a big

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