Every once in a while I like to really splurge and make this dish. It is so savory and decadent, you truly enjoy every bite. I make all kinds of risottos, but this one is for sure one of my favorites. It is so simple to make, but very impressive to guests. People always seem scared to make risotto but it really is pretty fool proof. The parmesan cheese and butter are key in this dish. You don’t need a lot but boy do they really take this risotto to

So I know this soup may sound or look bland but I promise you, if you give it a chance, you are going to LOVE it! That is if you like cauliflower of course. This soup is one of those recipes I like to make on a Monday after I have had a glutenous weekend and want to just feel better for the week. It is also a great snack to keep in the fridge! The cauliflower gives the soup such a velvety texture when it’s blended, so much so,

I am heading somewhere sunny this weekend and wanted to share of few of my favorite finds that I’m packing! A lot of these are every day staples in my closet. Most of them are very versatile which is nice so you can switch up swimsuits and cover ups and shoes! I’m all about that light packing. 😉 xo, Rachel

I usually have leftover grilled chicken or fish in the fridge and am always looking for some type of sauce for topping to make these boring proteins pop. This sauce is one of them. It is so bright and flavorful with just the right amount of heat. It is healthy but complex in flavor so it really changes any dish you top it on. I love the tang the vinegar gives it and the freshness from the herbs. If you aren’t a fan of parsley you can change out the herbs

Summer is one of my favorite times to get my creative juices flowing with salad recipes. I love to go to local farmers markets and see what looks best that day and then creative a recipe from what I found. Last week I picked up these gorgeous baby heirloom tomatoes and decided to make this salad. It really is summer in a bowl. The sweet tomatoes and watermelon go so well with the salty feta; it is one of the best combos! Enjoy! xo, Rachel  

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