FLL Travels: What I wore in Italy

For our summer trip this year we decided to travel to Italy for 2 weeks and had the most wonderful time! We visited Ravello, where Ben and I got married last year, Rome, where we got engaged 2 years ago and Capri. The weather was fabulous and the food was even better! We ate, drank and swam our way through the Amalfi Coast. During our trip I received a large about of requests about what to pack and what I wore while there so I thought this would be helpful for those interested! I compiled all my outfits for each day and night into different sections while rewearing things along the way! I tried to pack basics and neutrals that I could change up with some of the more one-of-a-kind looks so that it didn’t look like I was wearing the same thing over and over again. The theme of my wardrobe would have to be one-pieces and headbands! I love a good one-piece because it doubles as a top like the black Eres one I wore for my beach day in Ravello. Also, headbands are such a great accessory because they completely change the look of any outfit which is perfect for when you have limited packing space! I hope this is helpful for all of you who are traveling this summer and need some wardrobe inspiration. I would love to hear your feedback if THIS is something you guys want more of! Ciao Bella!

Flight to Italy 

Pool Day in Ravello

Beach Day in Ravello

Casual Dinner in Ravello

Travel Day to Capri

Lunch in Nerano Bay

PJ Sets

Boat Day around Amalfi Coast

Capri Night Out

Beach Day in Capri

Touring Rome

Night Out in Rome

Flight Home

xx, Rachel

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