Creamed Spinach has always been a favorite side dish of mine ever since I was a kid, and that love for it hasn’t changed one bit, especially with this recipe! This spinach recipe is so flavorful and decadent, you don’t even realize you are eating a vegetable while devouring this dish! The parmesan and gruyere cheeses give the dish such a rich, almost nutty flavor that work so well with the spinach. It’s funny because I love to make this dish for kids and the second I say spinach they say

Every year when fall comes around the first thing I like to do is make pumpkin bread. Now I am a HUGE fan of pumpkin, I love almost everything pumpkin from muffins to cream cheese- YUM, but pumpkin bread is my ultimate favorite way to cook with it. There is just something about the smell of pumpkin bread baking that is so warming throughout the house. This fall I was on mission to create a really moist bread with the perfect amount of spice. If you haven’t tried making pumpkin

So I never used to know what cut of steak to get when I went to the Butcher at the grocery store. There are so many options and they all look very tasty! After testing out tons of different cuts of steak and how to cook them, I zeroed in on my perfect cut- The New York Strip. In my opinion it has the perfect amount of marbling, is very flavorful, and doesn’t have too much fat. I like to sear my steak in a cast iron skillet to get that

I loveee to host dinner parties and one of my go to party appetizers to make is Brie stuffed mushrooms. They are so quick and simple to make and are very low maintenance. You can stuff the mushrooms with whatever cheese you like, although my favorite is brie because it gives the ultimate gooey melty factor. I am heavy on the garlic with this recipe, actually I am in most recipes, but this one especially because it goes so well with the cheese and mushrooms. Cheese, garlic, butter and mushrooms,

As most of you know I am a pasta lover, I mean who isn’t?? One of my all time favorite pasta dishes to make is linguini with clams, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made this dish. It is one of those pastas that is so satisfying, yet doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to unbutton your pants when you finish (which most pasta dishes make me do). I do my linguini with clams in a white wine lemon sauce, which I add pancetta too. The

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