With summer just around the corner, tomatoes are hitting their peak season! I love all the different colors and sizes of tomatoes durning the summer time, not to mention how sweet they get! This tomato and herb salad is something I make all the time at the beginning of the week because it is the perfect healthy snack. I bring some in a container to work for when I get hungry and grab bites of it from the fridge when I just need something to nibble on. It is super

Avocados are probably my favorite fruit. I love coming up with new ways to use them whether in a sauce, spread on toast or dip, although I could eat them plain all day long. This dip/sauce is great to serve as an appetizer or as a sauce for chicken or fish. It goes perfect on tacos too! I try to make this sauce every Monday and keep it in my fridge to add flavor to different dishes throughout the week! It lasts about 4 days in an air-tight container. Enjoy!!

Pot roast is one of those recipes that just reminds me of fall Sundays on the couch in my pjs. Pot roast is comfort food, hearty and good for the soul! I love to make this dish on Sunday after church because it allows you to be lazy at home, while this incredible dish is cooking in the oven. The whole house smells amazing. And bonus- you have leftover pot roast to put in dishes all week long! Stir the meat into soups, top it on salads and my favorite-

Positano, Italy… one of my top 5 favorite places in the world to visit. From the breathtaking views to the exquisite cuisine, Positano’s small town charm is just spectacular… I have visited this town a few times while traveling through the Amalfi Coast, but I had never actually stayed in the town until my recent trip in August. It was so nice to get to spend time there, get to know the local shops and bistros, while taking in all the incredible beauty Positano has to offer. Everywhere you look

Braised chicken thighs are a new obsession of mine. You sear them, sick them in the oven with some vegetables and forget about them for a couple of hours! When you finally take them out of the oven after you have gotten to work on your to-do list you have the most amazing dinner. The chicken is fall off the bone tender, so flavorful and just delicious. I would love to add potatoes to this next time and maybe some carrots or other vegetables- get creative! And don’t forget about

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