When I travel I love to try all the foods that the city/country is known for. I was in Greece a few summers ago and had the most incredible lamb gyro. I have been dreaming about this gyro ever since and finally decided to try to recreate it! Instead of using sliced lamb like the one I had in Greece, I decided to make mini meatballs. I also created a lightened up tzatziki sauce which pairs really well with these meatballs. I top the whole thing off with a tomato

Tzatziki Sauce is one of my favorite sauces, I don’t know why I don’t make it more often. Every time I do, I put it on everything. It is so fresh with the herbs and cucumber, and this recipe is so good for you too! It has all super clean ingredients so I don’t feel bad eating half the bowl with a bland chicken breast. I make this sauce everytime I make my lamb meatballs because they go perfectly together, but I am going to start making it more often!

I cook with salmon almost every week so this week I decided to switch it up and go with a white fish. I wanted to keep the dish simple, but complex in flavor and this recipe exceeded all my expectations. It has very few ingredients, can be made from start to finish in just about 30 minutes and is all cooked in one pot! I like to serve it with an arugula salad and some rice, but it would be amazing over some pasta as well! Enjoy! xo, Rachel

I am a sucker for a good, juicy burger, but I try not to eat them all time as I know they aren’t the best things to be putting into my body. I mostly eat 80% healthy and then have few indulgences throughout the week! Instead of only allowing myself one burger a month, I decided to create a burger recipe that I could have any time I wanted! These turkey burgers are a win win for me- they satisfy my burger craving while not making me feel like I

With summer just around the corner, tomatoes are hitting their peak season! I love all the different colors and sizes of tomatoes durning the summer time, not to mention how sweet they get! This tomato and herb salad is something I make all the time at the beginning of the week because it is the perfect healthy snack. I bring some in a container to work for when I get hungry and grab bites of it from the fridge when I just need something to nibble on. It is super

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