Trader Joes cauliflower gnocchi is all the rage at the moment and I am super happy about it! I love this gnocchi because it tastes like you’re eating a pillowy potato but in reality it’s made from cauliflower and healthy for you! It is one of the healthy food trends my husband will actually get behind! Because we are enjoying this gnocchi so much, I am constantly researching new ways to recreate it! I love it plain as a snack, tossed in pesto as a side dish and here in

If you know me, then you know I am a big kid at heart. And being a big kid, I love all the menu items on the kid’s menu much better than the ones on the regular menu. When I see chicken fingers or Mac and cheese being served at a restaurant, I almost always have to order it! Because of my love for chicken fingers, I decided to step them up a notch and make an “adult version” so I can basically have chicken fingers for dinner without my

When I first moved to Houston a few years ago, I met Ben out for lunch one day while he was working and he took me to a restaurant called Island Grill. There were so many good options on the menu but he insisted that I order the Hanover Platter. The platter consisted of a large dish filled with hummus, tabbouleh, avocado, chicken, mushrooms, and onions with the most heavenly garlic sauce and a side of warm pita. I fell in love with this dish and have yet to try

Last year when I was trying to eat super healthy in preparation for my wedding Ben and I decided to cut bread out of our diet. If you don’t know me, I am someone who lives off bread. I have it with almost every meal so this was a difficult change for me. I especially love toast in the morning after I work out. Because I wasn’t able to eat bread but still craving “toast”, I came up with sweet potato toast which completely satisfied my cravings. These toasts have

Coming up with weeknight dinner recipes can get challenging because I only like to cook quick meals that don’t call for too many steps or ingredients but are delicious. People always ask me if I go to the grocery store every day to make all these recipes and the answer is no. I usually go on Sunday or Monday for the whole week and buy multiple proteins, lots of vegetables and some pantry staples that I am low on. One of those proteins that is purchased almost every week is

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